What does this blog talk about?

We’ll cover all things online marketing and e-commerce. Some abstracts about thinking through strategy, setting goals, and the like as well as nitty gritty articles about specific topics like taking product photos on a budget. We’ll get down in the trenches with practical guides that bring tangible results. If it has to do with growing your online presence, it’s fair game. And, whenever possible, coffee, Star Wars, or Pink Floyd will be used for illustrations.

Who should read this?

While I hope that just about everyone will find value here, the content is largely geared towards some specific people. There are tons of great resources out there for things like SEO, conversion rate optimization, and other high level topics. This blog is focused on some more down to earth posts. It’s written for the marketer who hopes to someday do some a/b testing, but first needs to set up their site menu – the marketer who’s job description also includes lots of other things – ┬áthe marketer who isn’t a web expert. In short, I’m writing some of the content that I wish I’d had when I was just getting started.

Who’s writing this stuff?

Jacob Profile PictureMy name’s Jacob and I’ve been working with websites for the last 10 years or so. I run the abc Window Cleaning Supply e-commerce site, help manage my church’s site, and have worked with lots of small businesses on their web needs. I’ve learned a lot by reading, practicing, and making some mistakes (many of my posts discuss some painful mistakes – please avoid them!).

Other than work, I make lots of coffee (Aeropress is the best), love reading (current favorite: The Goldfinch), listen to classic rock (Zeppelin, Floyd, Hendrix), and spend lots of time with my two cats, dog, and ridiculously beautiful wife.

|| Photo by Kyle Loves Tori Photography ||